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We can…

  • OFFER stylish, contemporary yet practical wet rooms or walk-in showers.

  • CREATE Slip RESISTANT accessible wet rooms.

  • INSTALL adaptations to ASSIST the elderly and those with mobility needs.

  • Provide full design and installation SERVICE.

  • SHARE over 50 years’ experience.

  • Offer in-house LOCAL delivery service.

  • Give the PERSONAL family business touch.

Wet rooms are no longer seen as the cheaper cousins to traditional bathroom set-ups. Their ability to transform a smaller bathroom, en-suite or second bathroom into an ambient modern space is second to none.

They offer the ideal solution to families, especially those having to accommodate inter-generational needs. They are popular to replace a main bathroom, ensuite or second bathroom. The latter can also add value to your home.

Top tip: ‘A wet room is an ideal way to future-proof your home and have become a practical trend in modern bathroom design. ’

Wet rooms are also cheaper to install as they make traditional bathroom essentials such as a shower cubicle and tray redundant.

Other plus points include being easy to clean due to the fewer fiddly surfaces and corners to worry about and, if you go for a wall hung toilet and sink and toilet then cleaning becomes easier still.

710685 (36).jpg

Top to toe tiling can add tonnes of character whilst also acting as a second layer to waterproof the space and assist with drainage.

Wet rooms can be as bespoke as you like as there is a plethora of bathroom suites and designs to choose from. We work with major brands such as the Impey range to give you a wide range of choice.

Our family-run team are experts in advising on the best wet room system to suit your needs. They will take care of the gradient needed along the floor to channel the shower water into a drain and, tanking (waterproofing) the entire room. If you are lucky they may even share their knowledge as to where to place the toilet roll and towels to ensure they remain ‘damp’ free.

Let us wet your appetite. No bathroom ambition is too small. Talk to us today or visit our showroom in the heart of Surrey and Hampshire.

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