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We can…

  • OFFER stylish, period or contemporary fitted furniture solutions.

  • Find the PERFECT solution for small spaces.

  • ADVICE on accessories such as bathroom mirrors and lights.

  • Provide full design and installation SERVICE.

  • SHARE over 50 years’ experience.

  • Offer in-house LOCAL delivery service.

  • Give the PERSONAL family business touch.

Clever storage solutions make your bathroom stylish yet practical. At Magnum Bathrooms, just off the M25, we believe clever storage solutions are integral to helping you achieve your perfect bathroom.

Discover a range of ultra-modern or period, space saving solutions at our 2000 sq. ft. showroom and offices in the Hampshire/Surrey heartland.

Top tip: ‘Ultra-modern, high light-reflecting gloss modular furniture can give a bathroom a light and spacious look – even when the generous square footage is non-existent. Opting for wall hung units is ideal for achieving that ultimate feeling of openness.‘

Whether you have a narrow bathroom or a cupboard to work with, our specialist family-run designers at Magnum can discuss options such as fitting slim-line cabinets and compact basin units to meet your storage needs.

710685 (27).jpg
710685 (16).jpg

And, with our full design and installation service we will also work with you to find the ideal mirror, lighting and accessories to truly personalise our service to you.

Top tip: ‘For large spaces we may recommend a matt finish – less likely to show up finger-marks and highly practical for family bathrooms.’

Create your own bathroom ambience with our diverse range of smart and attractive bathroom storage solutions. Talk to us today or visit our showroom.

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